DIY Garden Hose Mister Designed for Garden or Patio

Garden Hose Mister
Garden Hose Mister

Garden Hose Mister Includes:

  • 3/4” US Standard Faucet Adapter
  • 24 tee fittings (Sold Separately)
  • 1x Garden Hose3/4 thread garden hose
  • 24x nozzles 0.015 Orifice 10/24thread
  • Y Connector (Sold Separately)
  • 50x Mounting Clamps


  • Leakproof compression fittings
  • UV-coated flexible tubing
  • Adjustable mist direction
  • Attaches to any garden hose or spigot
  • Easy to install and expand
Outdoor Mister
Size of Misting LineBlack Misting system 35FTBlack Misting system 50FTBlack Misting system 65FTBlack Misting system 80FT
Size of Misting LineWhite Misting system 35FTWhite Misting system 50FTWhite Misting system 65FTWhite Misting system80FT
Nozzles Quantity10Rotatable Misting Line15 Rotatable Misting Line20 Rotatable Misting Line24 Rotatable Misting Nozzles
3/4″ Brass Adapter
Mister Hose -White

The misting nozzle selected precise solid brass material, which is durable, anti-rust, and can be used repeatedly.

Garden Hose Mister

Equipped with 40 cable ties, and 40 tube buckles, Help you fix the water pipe and better DIY your outdoor misting system

Garden Hose Mister

The mist reaches far and provides a great amount. The mist range is 20-40 inches for every nozzle. The outdoor misters for the patio save up to 70% more water than traditional spray heads.

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Best Patio Misting System Reviews

Excellent product! Works!

This works extremely well. Took 20 mins to install, running it around my patio in AZ. Immediately felt an incredible difference in the Arizona heat with this running. Made sitting outside at 107F very comfortable. Their wife loves it. Highly recommend!

Really good in horse barn

It works great, after running a hose pipe to the end of the barn, no leaks no dripping. The horses came to the barn an hour ago and they haven’t left yet, some are soaked but it’s 91 here today in central Georgia and they are loving it. It remains to be seen how this will hold up, at the price I would buy one every year if I had to. I ordered a filter because of what I saw on some reviews

Why didn’t we do this sooner?

I wanted to do something nice for my partner’s birthday since she had a couple of friends and family coming to visit us at our home, and we had recently dined outside on a patio where the restaurant had misters, and we both remarked on how amazing it felt.

Mist Nozzle for Garden Hose

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Garden Hose Mister

Garden Hose Mister is an automated misting system for watering gardens and plants.
It consists of a master controller, hoses, garden hose connector, and other garden hose mister attachments designed to provide a convenient and efficient watering and spraying solution, Garden hose misters are particularly suitable for smaller outdoor spaces like patio misters, outdoor mister, and greenhouse mster. They offer a convenient and budget-friendly way to enjoy a cooling mist during hot weather.

Key Features of garden hose mister

Save Water: The misting hose for the patio can precisely control the amount of water, avoiding waste and overwatering. The system can adjust the frequency and duration of water spraying according to the needs of plants and environmental conditions, minimizing water usage.

Automated watering: The timer and program functions of the main controller make watering automatic and convenient. You can set the system to automatically water when you’re not home, ensuring your plants get the right amount of water.

Even spraying: The outdoor misting hose can achieve even misting by adjusting the spray pattern and angle of the sprinkler head. This ensures that all plants in the garden get equal

Garden Hose Mister FAQ

How Does a Hose Mister Work?

You need to install the main controller and hose system, set the parameters, press the start button on the main controller, or start the system according to the preset schedule, The water flows from the main controller through the hose to the various sprinklers or misting devices in the garden. Hoses usually direct water flow to different sprinkler locations through connectors and branch pipes. Where a sprinkler or misting device is used, water is sprayed through specific orifices or nozzles in the form of a mist or sprayed onto plants and garden areas, For details, please refer to the DIY project guide

How Do You Connect a Mister to a Hose?

Supplies: Make sure you have the correct materials and tools, including hoses, connections, sprayer, and screwdriver or wrench.misting Selection: Choose the right misting for you, making sure it is compatible with the hose connection. Usually, the misting will be equipped with corresponding connection parts, such as threaded joints or quick couplings. Prepare the hose: Cut the appropriate length from one end of the hose as needed. Make sure there are clean, even cuts on both ends of the hose. Install the connector: Depending on the connection you are using, secure the connector to one end of the hose. This may require inserting the fitting into the end of the hose or using a screwdriver or wrench to tighten the fitting. Make sure the connectors are securely installed

Do Patio Misters Need a Pump?

In a patio misting system, water is typically delivered through a hose or pipe to the nozzles, which then create a fine mist of water. In order to push the water flow, a pump is needed to create sufficient water pressure
Some patio sprayer systems can also be hooked up to an existing hydraulic system (such as a home water supply) without the need for an additional pump. It depends on your specific situation and system design

What is a Garden Mister Kit?

mister kit is a package or set that includes various components necessary to create a misting system for your garden, plants, or outdoor space. These kits are designed to provide a convenient and efficient way to set up a misting system that can help keep your plants hydrated, increase humidity, and promote plant health