Canopy Mister for Outdoor Cooling

  • awning or canopy
  • water mist nozzle
  • mist cooling
  • source of water
  • timer or filter
  • T-connector

The canopy cooling system provides an effective cooling and soothing solution, creating a cool, comfortable, and pleasant outdoor environment for people

canopy mister is a cooling technology commonly used in outdoor activities and places. It provides a cool and comfortable environment by building an awning or canopy combined with a water mist spray system. Usually called mist tent and canopy mister, This method of cooling is especially popular in hot weather, creating a cool outdoor space for people

The canopy mist cooling system installs nozzles in the canopy structure, sprays water through the water pump to form a fine water mist, and then disperses the water mist into the air. When the water mist comes into contact with the air, the water begins to evaporate, absorbing heat from the surrounding air, thereby reducing the air temperature.

Canopy Mister

Classic Black Canopy Mister Kit

Professional Quality Black PU Tube

Black PU
  • The tubing included is made from a professional quality black PU tube, flexible, UV-resistant, and long life use time.
  • Thicker tubing ensures strong water pressure.

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Other Lengths Misting SystemsMisting system 27FT
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6.5FT Cobra Mister Stand
Number of nozzles8 Rotatable Misting Line15 Rotatable Misting Line20 Rotatable Misting Nozzle24 Rotatable Misting Nozzles3 different directions brass mist nozzles
3/4″ Adapter
Size of Misting LineMisting system 35FTMisting system 50FTMisting system 65FTMisting system 80FTMisting system 19FT
Nozzles Quantity10Rotatable Misting Line15 Rotatable Misting Line20 Rotatable Misting Line24 Rotatable Misting Nozzles6Rotatable Misting Line
3/4″ Brass Adapter

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What are the benefits of canopy mister

The canopy mister can quickly reduce the temperature of the surrounding air by spraying fine water mist. The water mist absorbs heat during the evaporation process, causing the air temperature to drop. This allows the area under the canopy to cool down, providing a cooler environment for occupants.

The water mist in the canopy mister purifies the surrounding air, trapping and depositing airborne dust, particles, and pollutants. This helps improve the air quality on your porch or outdoor space, providing a fresh and healthy environment.

On hot days, the fine water mist provided by the canopy mister has a cooling and soothing effect. Tiny water droplets can quickly evaporate when in contact with the skin, absorbing heat, and making people feel cool and comfortable. This is especially beneficial for users in outdoor events, open-air restaurants, cafes, etc.

The fine water mist in the canopy mister reduces static build-up and prevents the build-up of dust and fine particles. This is very helpful for the cleaning and maintenance of furniture, decorations, and floors in porches, open-air restaurants, and other places, keeping the environment clean and comfortable.

How effective are patio misters?

The patio misters can provide a cool and comfortable environment for the patio in hot summer, reduce the temperature, increase the sense of humidity, purify the air, and reduce the disturbance of mosquitoes.

how to connect a portable mister in a canopy

There are several steps to consider when connecting a misting system to a canopy:
1 Locate the position of the nozzle, 2 Install the nozzle bracket, 3 Connect the nozzle and the pipe 2, Connect the pipe to the water source