Misting System Parts

Our Misting System Parts is a high-quality, reliable part that provides the perfect upgrade solution for your Misting System, we especially introduce the composition and use of the Misting System Parts

Improve spraying efficiency: Our misting system parts can improve spraying efficiency, ensure that the water is evenly distributed on the plants, and provide better moisturizing and moisturizing effects for your plants.
Save water resources: Our spray system parts can control water flow and spray range, avoid wasting water resources, and save your water costs.
Protect plants: Our misting system parts can provide your plants with proper water and nutrients, protect plants from drought and water shortage, and make your plants more healthy and more beautiful.
If you are looking for high-quality, precision-engineered, and easy-to-install misting system parts, our product will be your best choice. We believe that our products will provide the perfect upgrade solution for your spray system.

Outdoor Misting Fan
Outdoor Misting Fan
Outdoor Misting Fan
Outdoor Misting Fan
Outdoor Misting Fan
Other Lengths Misting Systems27FT Mister system50FT Mister system65FT Mister system80FT Mister system6.5FT Cobra Mister Stand
3/4″ Adapter

Misting System Parts-mist nozzles

With suitable nozzles, you can determine the distribution of the cooling mist. From stainless steel to low-pressure and non-drip nozzles, we have a wide range of options for you

Misting System Parts-Misting Fittings

Including switches, timers, and other components, used to control parameters such as start-stop and running time of the spray system.

Misting System Parts-mist tube

A mist tube is a device used to spray and atomize liquids by creating a high-velocity airflow inside the tube to disperse the liquid into tiny droplets or particles

Misting System Parts-garden hose filter

This garden hose filter is also compatible with the Misters Cooling System. Built-in polypropylene cotton, the water hose filter efficiently filters calciumions, and impurities with a 5-micron filter aperture. The excellent filter material can eliminate the clog, prolonging the life of the mister system.

garden hose water filter
garden hose water filter

Easy Installation, High Adaptability

The 3/4″ gauge hose can be connected to any standard-size faucet and hose in any garden.

Faster Water Flow

The water hose filter is designed with a wide body in-line design, ensuring smoother and greater water flow during use.

Superior Material Leak Proof

stronger more durable screw configuration ensures a leak-free connection

Hose Timer

hose timers
hose timers


This hose timer features simple, easy installation and programming. There is no need for tools. Just set the start time, watering duration, and frequency. The large, easy-to-read dial and LCD screen make programming easy as ABC

Warm tips

  1. This water timer requires 2*AA batteries, which are not included.

2. When encountering freezing weather, please retract it and place it indoors in time to prevent damage.

Stainless Steel Filter Washer

With a 360-degree rotatable inlet, this water timer is easy to attach to the faucet. The built-in metal filter washer can effectively prevent dirty, sediment, and other larger particles, making the entering water clean

Waterproof Battery Compartment

The battery features with anti-leaking design and the internal rubber ring around the case cover provides IP54 waterproof. Easy to replace batteries when the battery icon shows low.

Fits All Standard Hoses and Faucets

Threaded with the 3/4” NH Thread, this sprinkler timer fits all standard outdoor faucets and garden hoses.

Replacement mist nozzles

hose adapter
hose adapter

Our mist nozzles are an important part of outdoor spray cooling systems and irrigation systems.

Durable material – It is made from brass and plastic material, is high quality can withstand high pressure, and is good speaking. The inner ring is made from stainless steel with a strong grip, resistance to pulling and inserting, and anti-slip.

Misting Cooling

The misting heads produce water mist that cools the surrounding air temperatures 10℃ to 20℃ or 50℉ to 68℉.

Better Sealing

High-quality durable material, has self-sealing O-ring, good sealing and elasticity, strong grap 3 ports pull out nozzle and insert the hose in the upper part, then become a T-Joint.

mister nozzle replacement kit
mister kit

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the common types of Misting accessories and accessories?

Nozzles, T-connectors, water pipes, timers, filters, mist system water sources, etc.

Where is the best place to mount a mister on a patio?

Patio Misting Kit

Coverage: The Mist Cooling System is able to cover the area that needs to be cooled. Depending on the type of misting system and the coverage of the nozzles select a location to ensure even coverage of the entire patio or targeted area. In the installation, the impact of the wind direction on the misting can be considered, and safety should also be considered. If there is a sunshade structure, the location of the installation can be considered, and the height of the spray should also be considered.

Are outdoor misters worth it?

misting system

Whether it’s worth buying an outdoor mister depends on your needs for cooling and comfort, as well as factors such as budget, installation conditions, and local conditions

How do you attach a hose to a misting system?

Misting Hose Attachment Preparation
Hoses: Choose a hose of the proper diameter and material to ensure it is compatible with the misting system and the liquid or gaseous medium.
T connector: According to the interface size of the hose and misting system, select the appropriate pipe joint, usually there are different types such as push-in type and thread type. For specific use, please refer to the project guide
Wrench or wrench set: For tightening threaded connections (if applicable).
Sealant or Gasket: As needed, used when connecting to ensure airtightness.