hose splitter

hose splitter
garden hose splitter 2 way

Hose Splitter 2 Way

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Hose Splitter 2 Way Heavy Duty, Garden Hose Splitters, Water Y Valve Splitter, Dual Hose Bib Adapter, Outdoor Faucet Splitter Two Way, Double Hoses Connector, Accessories Attachments, Spigot Extender
misting hose attachment

POCKET PANDA garden hose splitters simply act as the new “base” for your hoses. Just remove the existing hose, screw on the adapter, and add one or two new hoses or any other watering connector, as needed. Great for expandable, irrigation-style, or traditional outdoor water hoses.

hose splitter

The dual valve closure allows you to utilize a single hose or more at the same time to give you more control over water efficiency. In fact, you can disconnect a hose from one side, close the shut-off valve, and continue to use the others without leaks or drips

hose splitter

Smart Winterization, like other outdoor hoses, tools, and accessories you should remove this garden hose valve splitter before the weather gets too cold just to help prevent line bursting or cracks

FunctionConvert 1 water outlet into 2Programmable IrrigationMister nozzle replacement partMister nozzle replacement part
For Cooling
For Irrigation

Product advantages

Superior Quality Materials

Made of high quality zinc alloy materials, solid and durable, corrosion proof and has a long service time.

heavy duty garden hose splitter

3/4” US Standard

The size of water hose splitter is 3/4” US Standard, which can fit any 3/4” spigot. Compatible with any faucet equipment.

hose splitter 2 way

Easy Installation

The 2-way garden hose connector is easy to attach, tighten & detach. With the long grip handles, it allows for smooth shut on/off, which is ideal for stiff hands or hands with arthritis.

hose splitter 2 way

Leak-Free Protect

Designed with a long smooth thread and rubber ring for the ultimate leakage protection.It will make leaks a long forgotten experience.

often purchased with misting attachments & accessories

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What is Hose Splitter

A Hose Splitter is a device used to split a single water source into multiple outlets. It is usually used in outdoor irrigation, garden watering, car washing, and other activities to connect multiple water pipes or sprinklers at the same time, so as to facilitate the use of multiple water spraying equipment at the same time

Hose splitters typically have an input fitting for connecting to the main water source, and multiple output fittings for connecting to different water lines or sprinklers. It can distribute the pressure of the water source to each output joint, enabling the user to use different water spraying equipment in different locations.

With a hose splitter, you can use multiple watering equipment such as lances, sprinklers, misters, etc. at the same time without having to switch or move water sources individually. This provides convenience and efficiency, especially for large gardens, field irrigation, or where frequent movement of sprinkler equipment is required.

How do you stop a leaky hose connection?

Make sure connections are tight: Check that hose connections are tight. Replacing Gaskets: At the joints where hose connections are made, gaskets or rubber washers are often used to prevent leaks. Clean connections: Dirt, deposits, or impurities in connections can sometimes cause leaks. Using a sealant or plug: For smaller leaks, try using a sealant or plug for a temporary patch. Replace damaged hoses: If the hose itself is cracked, frayed, or damaged, the hose may need to be replaced. Cleaning the misting nozzles can also stop leaks. For information on how to clean, please refer to: Cleaning Misting Nozzles: How to Clean Mist Nozzles

Can you connect one garden hose to another?

Yes, it is possible to connect one garden hose to another to extend the length or create longer irrigation lines. There are several ways to achieve the connection between the hoses:
Hose connectors: Using hose connectors is one of the most common ways
Quick connector: Quick connector is a convenient and quick way to connect hoses
Threaded connection: Some hoses may have a threaded end, similar to a tap’s threaded connection

Is the hose splitter an important part of the misting system accessories?

hose splitter 2-way is part of a misting system Parts that divides the output of a single spray system into two routes. This means you can connect one misting system to 2 different areas or equipment to achieve a wider misting range or to provide customized misting effects for different uses

What hose splitter does t leak?

There are various hose splitters available in the market, and the likelihood of a specific hose splitter leaking can depend on its quality, design, and how it is used.
Brass hose splitters are often considered reliable and less prone to leakage. Some hose splitters feature ball valves that provide better control over water flow and reduce the risk of leaks. These splitters usually have a metal construction, such as brass or zinc alloy, which adds to their durability. heavy-duty plastic hose splitters can still provide a reliable and leak-resistant option. Look for splitters made from high-quality plastic materials that are designed to withstand outdoor conditions and have well-sealed connections.

How do I choose a hose splitter?

When choosing a hose splitter, there are several factors to consider to ensure you select the right one for your needs. For details, please refer to Best Hose Splitter 2 Way Heavy Duty