The Ultimate Solution Misting Stand for Terrace Cooling

The function of misting stand

  • Cools the surrounding area up to 20 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Great for sunbathing, working in the yard, keeping pets cool, watering exotic plants, or barbecues
  • Fast and easy installation, begin cooling in seconds


  • Independently adjustable misting head can adjust misting of 120°, 240°, or 360° angle range
  • It is with a standard 3/4″ connector, which can be easily connected to your hose.
Mister Stand
Mister Stand
Mister Stand
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Nozzle Quantity3 pcs3 pcs3 pcs3 pcs
3/4″ Adapter

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mister stand

Convenient & flexible

Freestanding and pliable, you can manipulate the misting stand to fit a variety of different shapes and heights. A flexible mist stand can be used anywhere there is a standard 3/4-inch outdoor hose faucet.

mister stand

Premium & Updated Design

Upgraded brass nozzles which are no leaking and have more smooth spray, good sealing tubing connector. These urable materialare made the misting cooling system more durable and no leaking.

mister stand

Equipped with filter screen

The filter screen removes dust, sediment and debris, reducing the possibility of nozzle clogging and extending the misting cooling system life.

mister stand

Water Flow Control Valve

The water flow regulating valve can easily directly adjust the size of the mist without having to go to the faucet to adjust. It is with a standard 3/4″ connector, which can be easily connected to your hose.

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About misting stand

A misting stand (Misting system) is a device used to spray water mist evenly into the air to reduce the surrounding temperature and provide a cooling effect. It usually consists of components such as pumps, nozzles, piping systems, and controllers, portable mist stand is a freestanding cooling device that combines a misting system with a stand or pedestal design. It’s a convenient and versatile solution for creating a cooling mist in outdoor spaces, events, or gatherings. The stand allows for easy positioning and height adjustment, while the misting system releases a fine spray of water to provide relief from the heat.

Instantly cool and refresh your outdoor space! We proudly present the stand mister product to provide you with an amazing misting experience. Whether on a patio misting system, garden misting system, outdoor mister, or commercial location, stand mister provides you with a refreshing cooling effect to enjoy the outdoors on hot days.

What is a cobra mist stand?

The cobra mist stand sends water into the pipeline system through a high-pressure water pump and then sprays the water mist into the air through tiny nozzles. These tiny water mist particles absorb heat from the surrounding air during the evaporation process, thereby reducing the temperature of the surrounding environment. The nozzles usually have adjustable angles and spray intensity to suit different needs and environments.

How does a cobra mist stand work?

The cobra mister misting water mist into the air finely and uses the evaporation process of water to take away heat, thereby reducing the temperature of the surrounding environment. It is a common cooling device widely used in outdoor terraces, gardens, restaurants, swimming pools, and other places to provide a cool and comfortable outdoor experience.

How many gallons per hour does a cobra mister use?

The amount of water used by the cobra mister per hour will vary according to the system settings and requirements, and the adjustment and optimization of the system can be used to balance comfort and water resource usage efficiency.

How high should misting stand to be?

Common misting stand heights range from 1.5 meters (5 feet) to 3 meters (10 feet). But the exact height should be adjusted based on your yard layout, spraying needs, and personal preference. When installing the atomizer stand, make sure it is stable and not tipped or wobbled.