Portable Misters for Patio

Portable Mister Versatile Use

Portable Mister

Pets cooling

Portable Mister

Outdoor entertaining

Portable Mister

Backyard BBQs

Portable Mister

Pool parties

More Accessories for You to Choose

FunctionConvert 1 water outlet into 2Programmable IrrigationMister nozzle replacement partMister nozzle replacement part
For Cooling
For Irrigation

Portable Water Mister

Product Advantages of Portable Water Mister

Portable Mister

Extension Pipe A

Only use extension pipe A. It is suitable for use while tanning and laying

Portable Mister

Pipe A+B

Use extension pipe A and 1 pipe B. It is suitable for use while sitting.

Portable Mister

Pipe A+B+B

Use extension pipe A and 2 pipe B. It is suitable for use while standing.

Package including all the things you need

  • 1 Base Support
  • 5*15.7in misting line with nozzle
  • 1*15in riser tube, 1*14.5in riser tube
  • 1*8m water supply hose with valve
  • 2*Nozzle plug, 2*extra misting nozzles
  • 1*O ring
  • User manual
Portable Water Mister

Upgrade Stand Outdoor Mister for Cooling

  • POCKET PANDA Upgraded misters for the outside patio provides relief from the heat wherever you need it & give you a cool breeze. That is a great experience on a hot summer day.
  • 【Easy to Assemble】1. Screw the riser tube to the base; 2. Insert the second riser tube; 3. Screw the blue lock tightly; 4. Assemble the five misting lines and 8M water supply hose; 5. Turn on the valve. Then you can enjoy your cooling time.

How to use

  • You can also use it anywhere you need
  • Provide a cool outdoor area for your family
  • Provide a comfortable temperature for your pets
  • Keeping your kids away from hot summer
  • Watering your plants easier and keeping them growing well

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What is a portable mister?

A portable mister is a compact and lightweight device designed to emit a fine mist of water for personal cooling and comfort. It’s a portable solution for staying cool in hot and dry environments, whether you’re outdoors, at a sporting event, camping, or even indoors. Portable misters are typically handheld or small enough to be carried in a bag or backpack

The Portable Misting System is an outdoor mister equipment and portable solution for personal cooling, providing immediate relief from hot weather or strenuous activities. Provides hours of refreshing mist. Lowers temperatures up to 20 degrees

Portable misters are popular among outdoor enthusiasts, athletes, hikers, and anyone looking for a quick way to cool down on hot days. They are commonly used at sporting events, theme parks, camping trips, and even during outdoor workouts. Additionally, they can provide relief for individuals experiencing heat-related discomforts, such as heat exhaustion or heatstroke.

Benefits of Using a Portable Mist Stand

  • Cooling and Comfort: Portable mist stand provides effective cooling, making outdoor activities and events more enjoyable in hot weather.
  • Versatility: They can be used in a variety of outdoor settings, including patios, decks, picnics, campsites, and outdoor events
  • Adjustable Coverage: The adjustable height and misting intensity allow you to customize the cooling experience based on your preferences.
  • Dual Function: If equipped with a fan, the mist stand combines misting and air circulation for enhanced comfort

What is the difference between a portable mister and mister

the main difference between a “portable mister” and a regular “mister” lies in their mobility and design. A portable mister is a more specific term that indicates a handheld and mobile misting device, while a mister, in a general sense, could refer to any misting system or device, including both fixed and portable versions.

Do misters keep bugs away?

Misters can help keep bugs away to some extent, but their effectiveness in repelling insects depends on various factors, including the type of mister, the misting solution used, and the specific insects you are trying to deter

What is the difference between portable mister and mist cooling systems?

that a portable mister typically refers to a handheld device that sprays a fine mist of water for personal cooling purposes. mist cooling systems are larger and more comprehensive setups designed to cool larger areas or spaces.