Mist For Outdoor Patio 50Ft (15M)


The mist for outdoor patio is a misting device installed on the terrace or outdoor space, which can reduce the ambient temperature by spraying fine water mist, providing a cool and comfortable outdoor experience

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Mist For Outdoor Patio
Cooling the Heat, Decrease About 50℉ in Temperature

Mist For Outdoor Patio
Misting System

The misters for outside patio produces water mist, which absorbs the heat from the outdoor surrounding in hot summer, and provides a cooling outdoor area, cools the surrounding air temperatures 10℃ to 20℃ or 50℉ to 68℉.

    • 【mist for outdoor patio】The misters for the outside patio provides a natural water cooling area, cooling the surrounding air temperatures up to 20℃ or 68℉.
    • 【Brass Adapter, 3/4″ US Standard Size】The mist for outdoor patio is made of high-strength brass material, with a precise internal thread design, suitable for water hoses, faucets, timers, and filters; The sealing tape effectively prevents leaking.
    • 【DIY Design, Easy to Install】50 FT misting hose, with 15 x T-Joints and a misting hose cutter, All the misting accessories you need for the DIY Misting System has been provided. the outside patio misters can be realized in ten minutes.
    • 【Brass Mister Nozzle, High-quality UV Mister Hose】Precision misting brass nozzle, forged with sophisticated technology, effectively preventing leaking and falling off; The high-quality white UV misting hose has anti-ultraviolet and prevents ​yellowing.

Mist for outdoor patio DIY method:

Here’s an easy way to DIY a patio misting system:

mist for outdoor patio Material:

Water pipes: Choose durable and leak-proof water pipes, the length of which depends on the size of the patio.
Nozzle head: special nozzle head can be purchased to ensure fine water mist spray.
Connectors: such as T-joints, elbows, straight joints, etc.
Control valve: used to control the switch and flow of spray.
Fixing fixture: used to fix the water pipe and nozzle head.

mist for outdoor patio step:

Measure and cut the hose to the desired length based on the deck layout and needs.

Install a T-joint or a straight-through joint at an appropriate position in the water pipe for connecting the nozzle head and the control valve.

Use a drilling tool at the location where the nozzle tip will be installed, and drill holes in the appropriate location on the deck to ensure that the nozzle tip can be evenly distributed and cover the entire area.
mist for outdoor patio

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White,50Ft (15M)

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