Patio Mist Cooling Kit 65FT Misting Hose + 20pcs Brass Nozzles


patio mist cooling kit , 65FT Misting Hose + 20pcs Brass Nozzles. Mister Cooling System. Water Mist Hose for Backyard, Garden, Umbrella, Canopy, Pool, Gazebo. Kid Trampoline Sprinkler

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Patio Mist Cooling KitPatio Mist Cooling Kit
Patio Mist Cooling Kit

  • 【Efficient Cooling Effect】 The patio misting cooling kit adopts advanced spray technology, which can produce fine and uniform water mist particles. These tiny water droplets evaporate in the air, absorb heat and lower the temperature of the surrounding environment, achieving a cooling effect quickly. The misting system can reduce the temperature of the outdoor space by several degrees, providing users with a refreshing outdoor experience
  • 【Regulate Humidity:】The fine water droplets off the patio mist cooling kit can increase the humidity in the air, especially suitable for dry climates. By increasing humidity, misters can improve air quality and provide a more comfortable outdoor environment.
  • 【WATER SAVE AND ENERGY SAVING: 】The premium patio mist cooling kit is designed with water saving, which minimizes water consumption by optimizing spray technology and controlling spray flow. This is not only conducive to saving water resources but also helps to reduce water charges and environmental burdens.
  • 【Flexible Installation: 】Patio misting cooling kits often have flexible installation options that can be customized to fit the specifics of your patio or outdoor space. It can be mounted on trees, fixed structures, or supports to cover the required area in an optimal way.
  • 【Adjustability:】 A good patio misting cooling kit usually has an adjustable spray angle and spray intensity. Users can freely adjust the direction, range, and water volume of the spray according to their needs and personal preferences to obtain the best cooling effect
  • When installing a patio misting cooling kit, you need to pay attention to the following steps:

    Patio Mist Cooling Kit

        Plan your spray area: Start by identifying the area you want to spray, such as your yard, garden, or patio. According to the size and layout of the area, determine the position and number of nozzle heads.

        Identify your water source: Make sure you have a reliable water supply, either from a main pipe or a bucket. Make sure that the water pressure and flow rate of the water source meet the requirements of the spray system.
        Install the pump and filter: Connect the pump and filter to the water source. The filter can filter the impurities in the water and protect the nozzle head from clogging.
        INSTALL PIPING AND FITTINGS: Connect the pump to the nozzle head using the appropriate piping and fittings. Make sure the piping is properly routed and takes into account the need for spray coverage.
        Install the control device: According to the requirements of the spray system, install the corresponding control device. The control device can be a manual switch, a timer, or an automated system to control the on and off, intensity and pattern of the spray.Installation and use can refer to the project guide & purchase guide
        Test and Adjust: After installation, test and adjust. To ensure the normal operation of the spray system, check the spray effect and coverage of the nozzle head. Adjust the spray angle, intensity, and spray range as needed.
        Maintenance and Cleaning: Regularly check and clean the nozzle head to ensure the normal operation of the spray system. Clear clogs from nozzle tips to keep water flowing.


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