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outdoor misting kit

outdoor misting kit 80Ft(24M)

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An outdoor misting kit is a convenient and efficient way to set up a misting system for cooling outdoor spaces.80Ft(24M),Backyard Mist Hose Kits with Sprinkler Timer Yard,Lawn,Garden,Greenhouse,Fan,Umbrella,Canopy,Pool,Porch,BBQ Party Accessorie
Patio Misting Systems

Mist For Outdoor Patio 50Ft (15M)

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The mist for outdoor patio is a misting device installed on the terrace or outdoor space, which can reduce the ambient temperature by spraying fine water mist, providing a cool…
patio misting system

Patio Misting System 65Ft (20M)

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Patio misting systems are often ideal for hot summer days or dry climates, providing comfort and cooling. They can be used in terrace leisure areas, outdoor restaurants, garden courtyards, and…

Selection of the Best Water Mister

Water Misters for Outside Options

Functional Performance is Good Water Mister

The misting system adapter with precise internal thread design, 3/4″ US standard size, suitable for water hoses, faucets, timers, filters, and other equipment

high versatility. Water head tee is suitable for connecting 1/4″ PU hose, PE tubing, nylon tube.3 tee ports can be connected to the hoses to form a T-Joint.

The tubing of engineering material has better compression resistance and durability. The service life of the tube is twice that of others.

Misting System Parts

Precision mist brass nozzle, forged with precision technology, combined with the structural design of the rotating nozzle, effectively prevents

ake Misting Hose Attachment for your Patio

FunctionConvert 1 water outlet into 2Programmable IrrigationMister nozzle replacement partMister nozzle replacement part
For Cooling
For Irrigation

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About the Water Mister

A water mister is a device that emits a fine spray of water. Also called water misters for cooling, It is typically used to cool down the surrounding air in hot weather or to provide moisture to indoor plants. Water misters can be handheld or installed as fixed systems in outdoor mister areas such as patio water misters or water misters for birds. Misters are often used in recreational settings like outdoor water misters,
outdoor events, or even at home to create a refreshing and cool environment.

What are the benefits of water mist?

  • Provide a comfortable environment: In hot weather, water mist can provide a comfortable cooling effect in places such as outdoor spaces, open-air venues, or indoor balconies, helping people reduce the discomfort caused by high temperatures.
  • Prevent heat stroke: Water mist can effectively reduce the temperature of the surrounding air, which can help prevent people from heat stress symptoms such as heat stroke in hot weather.
  • Increase Humidity: In dry climates, the water mist device can also increase the humidity of the air, providing a more comfortable humidity level, which is beneficial to the moisturizing of the skin and respiratory tract.
  • Energy saving and environmental protection: Compared with other cooling methods, such as air conditioners, the water mist machine consumes less energy and has less impact on the environment

Do misters need a pump?

Generally, misters need to use a pump to send water to the misting or spray head, so that the water can be sprayed and misted. A pump is a device that transports liquid from one place to another, providing the necessary pressure and flow to draw water from a storage container or water supply system and deliver it to the spray head of a water mister.