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Investing in a misting system or misting fan will be the coolest decision you will ever make for your patio and outdoors.

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Misting Systems are widely used indoors and outdoors, including Outdoor Cooling, Most Classic Patio Misting Systems, Misters for Outside Patio, Greenhouse Misters, and other places. Provide misting system parts and misting fans needed to keep the system running normally.

Provide high-quality services for your misting system in multiple unique industries. The water misting system releases into the air where the water mist evaporates and cools the surrounding area, making people feel more comfortable in hot weather.

As people continue to invest in cooling, After years of polishing has its brand – POCKETPANDA- which offers the Assembled Misting System that can reduce outside temperatures by up to 30°F, making hot summer nights feel like cool fall nights.

Pocket Panda misting system is an excellent cooling solution that perfectly combines black and white design with efficient performance. This system stands out for its unique appearance and excellent functionality

Patio Misters
Patio Misters

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Best Patio Misting System Reviews

Excellent product! Works!

This works extremely well. Took 20 mins to install, running it around my patio in AZ. Immediately felt an incredible difference in the Arizona heat with this running. Made sitting outside at 107F very comfortable. Their wife loves it. Highly recommend!

Really good in horse barn

It works great, after running a hose pipe to the end of the barn, no leaks no dripping. The horses came to the barn an hour ago and they haven’t left yet, some are soaked but it’s 91 here today in central Georgia and they are loving it. It remains to be seen how this will hold up, at the price I would buy one every year if I had to. I ordered a filter because of what I saw on some reviews

Why didn’t we do this sooner?

I wanted to do something nice for my partner’s birthday since she had a couple of friends and family coming to visit us at our home, and we had recently dined outside on a patio where the restaurant had misters, and we both remarked on how amazing it felt.

Misting System Parts recommended for you

FunctionConvert 1 water outlet into 2Programmable IrrigationMister nozzle replacement partMister nozzle replacement part
For Cooling
For Irrigation

Patio Misting Systems Other Featured Products

misters for patio

The misting nozzle selected precise solid brass material, which is durable, anti-rust, and can be used repeatedly.

misters for patio

Equipped with 40 cable ties, and 40 tube buckles, Help you fix the water pipe and better DIY your outdoor misting system.

misters for patio

The mist reaches far and provides a great amount. The mist range is 20-40 inches for every nozzle. The outdoor misters for the patio save up to 70% more water than traditional spray heads.

Why Choose Misting Systems

The Pocket Panda misting system uses advanced technology and materials to effectively adjust the humidity and temperature of indoor and outdoor environments, making people feel more co

The Pocket Panda misting system is simple to set up and operate. With its user-friendly design, you can start enjoying the cooling mist quickly and without hassle

The misting system helps to lower the ambient temperature by creating a fine mist that cools the air. Especially in hot summer, it reduces the outdoor temperature by up to 30°F.

The Pocket Panda misting system can be used in various outdoor settings, such as picnics, barbecues, sports events, and more. It’s a versatile solution for staying cool in different environments


Application Scenarios of the Misting System

Misters for Outside Patio, Standing Misting Cooling System

Portable Outdoor Water Mist Hose Kit, Adjustable 45.7in Height & 5 Spray Nozzles for Backyard Garden Pool Tanning BBQ Cool Kids Pet Playing

Cobra Mister Stand for Outside Patio, Outdoor Misting Cooling System

Portable Mist Standing for Garden, Bird Bath, Tanning, Water Hose Attachment for Umbrella, Backyard, Plants, Greenhouse, Pool, 6Ft