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Outdoor Water Misters
Water Mister
Water Mister

Misting Cooling System for Patio

ApplicationMisting Range of Mist Cooling SystemsSpecificationTube color
Patio MisterThe misting range of patio misters is typically around 6 to 20 feet, depending on the type and quality of the systemHard pipe 35ftBlack White
Porch Mister
The misting range of porch misters is usually about 10 to 15 feet, depending on the specific model and settings
Hard pipe 50ftblack White
outdoor Misteroutdoor misters typically have a misting range of 10 to 25 feet, depending on the system’s design and water pressure.Hard pipe 65ftBlack White
Canopy MisterCanopy misters generally have a misting range of 8 to 15 feet, depending on the specific model and configurationHard pipe 80ftBlack White

what you need to know

  • We recommend a 2-foot spacing between atomizing nozzles.
  • Measure the length and width of the fogging area. Calculate the perimeter and divide by 2 to get the number of spray nozzles.
  • If you have closed sides, don’t include that dimension in your calculations. For example, if you have a length of 20 feet and a width of 10 feet with one closed side, the area covered will be 20 + 10 +10 = 40 / 2 = 20 nozzles
  • Click here for Mist Cooling Systems for garden

Mister Stand

cooling mister
Mister Stand
mister stand

Convenient & flexible

Freestanding and pliable, you can manipulate the misting stand to fit a variety of different shapes and heights. A flexible mist stand can be used anywhere there is a standard 3/4-inch outdoor hose faucet.

mister stand

Premium & Updated Design

Upgraded brass nozzles which are no leaking and have more smooth spray, good sealing tubing connector. These urable materialare made the misting cooling system more durable and no leaking.

mister stand

Equipped with filter screen

The filter screen removes dust, sediment and debris, reducing the possibility of nozzle clogging and extending the misting cooling system life.

mister stand

Water Flow Control Valve

The water flow regulating valve can easily directly adjust the size of the mist without having to go to the faucet to adjust. It is with a standard 3/4″ connector, which can be easily connected to your hose.

Outdoor Misting Fan

When installing a spray cooling system, you need to pay attention to the following points:

  • Choose the right nozzle: Different types of nozzles can produce water mist particles of different sizes and shapes, and you need to choose the appropriate nozzle according to the specific situation.
  • Properly Installed Filters: Filters can help prevent nozzles and pumps from becoming clogged with impurities and contaminants and require proper installation and maintenance
  • Controller setting: It is necessary to adjust the controller setting according to the specific situation to achieve the best cooling effect and energy-saving effect
T-joints are more flexible to realize your ideas
50Ft (15M)

easy to install

Good sealing

Good sealing

High-quality manufacturing process, the interface joints are made of 12 thick steel plates, and the connection is firm, with no falling off and no water leakage

Removable Nozzle

Removable Nozzle

Choose our products, can achieve a variety of uses so that a wide range of applications. You can implement all kinds of ideas

Mist Watering Cover More Area

Spray covers more area

Watering by misting can cover a more large area than traditional watering, increasing humidity effectively and reducing dust particles.

Easy to install, It only takes you ten minutes

  • 1. Cut out the length you need.
  • 2. Insert the pipe into the tap connector.
  • 3. Insert cut pipes into T-joints.
  • 4. Insert the end plug into the last- joint.
  • If you want to disconnect the pipe from T-joint, please one hand press the blue part of the T-joint, and the other hand pull out the pipe.

Portable Misters

Portable Mister

Pets cooling

Portable Mister

Outdoor Entertaining

Portable Mister

Backyard BBQs

Portable Mister

Pool parties

The mist cooling system usually consists of the following main components

  • Water source: The water source is the source that provides the
  • Water Pump: The water pump is used to provide sufficient water pressure to move the water from the source to the nozzles
  • Piping system: The piping system is used to connect the water source, the water pump, and the nozzle, and transport the water from the water source through the water pump to the nozzle, Nozzles: Nozzles are the key components for atomizing water
  • Control device: The control device is used to adjust the working parameters of the spray system, such as water flow, spray pressure, spray frequency, etc.
  • Filter: The filter is used to filter impurities and particles in the water, prevent the nozzle from clogging, and protect the normal operation of the system
mist cooling system
Garden Hose FilterWater Hose Splitterster systemMister Nozzles 20PCS
Mister Nozzles 8PCS
6FT Cobra Mister Stand

Other Lengths Outdoor Misting Cooling System

Outdoor Misting Fan
Outdoor Misting Fan
Outdoor Misting Fan
Outdoor Misting Fan
Outdoor Misting Fan
Other Lengths Misting SystemsMisting system 27FT
Misting system 50FT
Misting system 65FT
Misting system 80FT
6.5FT Cobra Mister Stand
Number of nozzles8 Rotatable Misting Line15 Rotatable Misting Line20 Rotatable Misting Nozzle24 Rotatable Misting Nozzles3 different directions brass mist nozzles
3/4″ Adapter

Other Functional Product Recommendations

3/4″ Adapter and Filter Screen

The misting system adapter with precise internal thread design, 3/4″ US standard size, suitable for water hoses, faucets, timers, filters, and other equipment

Tee Connector White 10PCS

Precision mist brass nozzle, forged with precision technology, combined with the structural design of the rotating nozzle, effectively prevents water leakage and falling off, and the service life is 2.5 times that of other products

Flexible & Sunlight-resistant PU Tubing

The tubing of engineering material has better compression resistance and durability. The service life of the tube is twice that of others.

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Outdoor Cooling

Outdoor mist cooling system has a wide range of utilization It can be set to use water mist to cool down outdoor or indoor spaces, When seeking the perfect cooling system for your outdoor haven, outdoor cooling system various options are available to turn your space into a chill paradise. such as relaxing on a patio, hosting outdoor events, or engaging in sports and recreational activities, The purpose of the outdoor misting cooling system is to create a more comfortable and enjoyable outdoor experience in hot weather. You can use it in a large area or use misting fans and mist tents in a small area

Are you tired of the torment of the summer heat? Are you having a hard time working or relaxing because of the heat and sun? If yes, we have the perfect solution for you – mist cooling systems!

An outdoor misting system works on the principle of evaporative cooling, where tiny water droplets absorb heat from the surrounding air as they evaporate, resulting in a cooling effect. These systems are commonly used in outdoor areas like patios, and gardens, and sometimes indoors in greenhouses or specific rooms

Do mist cooling systems work?

When installed and used properly, mist cooling systems can reduce temperatures by as much as 30°F depending on the efficiency of the misting system, relative humidity, and outdoor temperature. Evaporative cooling is remarkably energy and water-efficient.

How do patio misters work to cool down outdoor spaces?

Imagine a misty veil of coolness! These misters spray fine droplets that quickly evaporate, absorbing heat from the air and leaving your patio comfortably cool without drenching it.

How long should misters run?

The misting system runs for 30-45 minutes to make sure everything is running smoothly and the system mists or humidifies the area depending on your settings. Now you’re ready to stay cool all summer long!

Do patio misters make everything wet?

Misting doesn’t put a lot of water on the ground, because many of those tiny droplets evaporate rather than forming puddles over time. But it does get your pavement a little moist and the less porous that pavement is, the more of a slipping hazard misting can create

How can I cool my outdoor area?

Cooling an outdoor area can be a refreshing way to enjoy the outdoors during hot weather.
Shade: Creating shade is one of the most effective ways to cool an outdoor space. You can use umbrellas, awnings, pergolas, shade sails, or even tall plants and trees to provide natural shade.
Misting Systems: Misting systems release fine droplets of water into the air, which evaporate and cool the surrounding area. These systems can be installed on walls, umbrellas, or overhead structures.
Outdoor Fans: Ceiling fans or portable fans can help circulate air and create a cooling breeze in your outdoor space.
Outdoor Shades or Curtains: Install outdoor shades or curtains that can be drawn to block the sun’s rays and provide privacy.
Cooling Mats or Rugs: Place cooling mats or rugs on the ground to absorb heat and create a more comfortable surface for sitting

What type of cooling system can be used for fans and dew mist cooling systems?

Misting Cooling System 35FT is most commonly used, it can be used in fans or patio areas, 30Feet water hose with 10 tee fittings and a tube cutter

Are portable misting systems easy to set up and move around?

Portable and user-friendly, just like a cool sidekick! Most portable misting systems are designed for easy setup and movement, making them a breeze to handle wherever you need that extra coolness.